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Opinion differences shouldn’t make people enemies — President

07 Sep, 2011 - 00:09 0 Views
Opinion differences shouldn’t  make people enemies — President

The Herald

performed well in uniting the people during the last session of Parliament.
He was speaking yesterday at a luncheon to mark the official opening of the Fourth Session of the Seventh Parliament of Zimbabwe.

“We have performed as an inclusive Government very well in terms of our being united and oneness,” said the President. “Demonstrating that the people of Zimbabwe, even if they may belong to different parties, have different religious view points, committed themselves to oneness because there is some common denominator.”
President Mugabe told guests at the luncheon organised by the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development that differences of opinion should not make people enemies.


He said differences were bound to arise in many sectors including in politics, in religion, in ideologies and in business.
President Mugabe said there was mistrust when the inclusive Government was formed, but the situation had since changed. “When we started, VaTsvangirai will tell kuti vaizeza kunwa tea yekwangu, unenge uchitotya kuti ndingaisirwe mushonga mutea iyoyo. Kana ini ndaizviita dai ndaienda kwavo,” he said.

“But now all that fear is gone. We realise that we have political differences, but it’s up to the people to decide which way they want to go.
“They should not be forced and sjamboked. Let them make their choice . . . no violence, no force should be used in getting support.”
President Mugabe said other establishments such as the church and traditional leaders should assist in preaching humility and non-violence.


“Let it be Zimbabwe Incorporated,” he said. “Then we will always say we are political opponents, but we are united as Zimbabweans.”
President Mugabe said Zimbabweans should not get influence from outside, considering their high level of literacy that must be put into action.

He said election dates would be fixed after the a Constitutional referendum early next year, adding that political parties would be given enough time to campaign and prepare for the elections.
Zimbabweans should show maturity, especially after 31 years of independence, President Mugabe said.

He castigated some churches for supporting homosexuality saying human beings should not behave as if they were inferior to animals.
President Mugabe said farmers were looking forward to a good season starting this month and they should be supported. He said the Government would continue to look at resources as they improve to reward workers accordingly.

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